Work & Travel Document Compliance

Work & Travel Document Compliance

Tracking work visas, and passports manually or on spreadsheets is a disaster.

It seems simple enough but for all the money companies spend on this process, important documents are often trapped in forgotten file cabinets, archived in a warehouse, left at law firms, floating in emails and saved on folders in PC’s of staff who have long since left the company!

It all goes unnoticed until a staff member cannot locate travel or work documents for a trip or an executive is detained in a far-off country you think they were supposed to be authorized to visit. The daily panic to service these important tasks never end.

We eliminate that mess. We track the documents, expiration dates and provide reporting that eliminates the daily panic of this process.


  • Scan or copy work and travel permits into one searchable database so they are not lost.
  • Start and expiration dates tracked for organized renewal processing.
  • Flexible reporting from an enterprise level down to individual employee level.