What is GTT Software?

What is GTT Software?

GTT is a very powerful tool that takes advantage of integration, blockchain and artificial intelligence to quickly deliver solutions to clients that cut costs and enable clients to direct their human capital to the business instead of clerical tasks.

Many software products look the same in a demo do not be fooled by any tool that cannot: Integrate feeder systems with NO coding and has both blockchain and artificial intelligence built into the core software stack.

These features are critical to success both now and in the future. Artificial intelligence-based tools with built in "Bots" for repetitive workflows are not science fiction. They are an expected requirement by CIO's and CFO's to measure to success in a competitive world.

Our mobility solution captures location information, expense and travel document details which can then be integrated with the existing systems companies already own for a complete tax calculation and reporting process.


With our mobility product line, we leverage your existing payroll, equity administration, bonus, commission, expense travel, HR systems so that your company does not have to waste money replacing existing operational systems. We just make it all work better, fill gaps as needed, and cut the cost of this work stream.

We seek to leverage the systems you already have and make them all harmonize, so you can cut costs and be compliant with tax laws.

  • Eliminates most tax audit service costs with SARBOX-compliant activity reporting.
  • Eliminates data collection, reconciliation, and true-up work.
  • Assists with employee tax filing.
  • Enables accurate deferred tax asset accounting on equity awards.
  • Assists in managing trailing liabilities for relocated employees.
  • Stores 'de minimis' threshold data for tax jurisdictions to provide alerts and activity reporting.