GTT for Professional Services

GTT for Professional Services

With GTT software, you can more effectively retain existing clients, attract new clients and block competition. The ROI on software tools that do not have inherent blockchain and artificial intelligence capabilities are too low to be funded. You have to bring real measurable value to obtain projects. We deliver an 80% cut in common workflows in less than 30 days and our mobility tax, expense and travel document solution costs delivers more value than the Big 4 and regional accounting firms for 9X less in cost.

GTT is a disruptive technology that disintermediates waste.

Our mobility tax solution automates and captures the three most vexing elements of compliance associated with employee travel at a price point that is 9X times lower than the Big 4 and other offerings.

The secret is GTT software that completely automates: Data collection, tax computation, expense processing and travel document administration.

GTT is the product that will help you:

  • Expand your service offering and maintain your existing clients, without additional headcount.
  • Acquire new business from firms that are too slow to adopt technological changes.
  • Reduce costs of delivery, while increasing margins, and thrive in this changing world.
  • Earn recurring revenue on both software and services.

GTT does this by:

  • Elimination of effort related to reconciliations; spread sheets needed to create a paper trail between expense reports and location details.
  • Elimination of manual data extraction from disparate systems including equity compensation, bonus, commission, et al, and automatically align compensation with location data. No more "copy/paste", allows the user the ability to transfer traveler data into downstream systems including standard tax software; allowing for correct withholding and "true-up" calculations.
  • Automates travel document administration.
  • Automates reporting and record retention.
  • Automates full: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, expense processing, and payroll processes, yielding cost savings of 80% compared to ERP products alone.

GTT provides significant cost savings to the client. It concurrently outsources multiple workstreams and data for your firm. This binds the client to you better than relationships or service alone ever could.

The ONLY way to grow revenue & profit under the current business model is:
  • Focused attention on binding existing and acquiring new clients. GTT software is scalable without being headcount dependent.
  • To recognize that software is now best means to achieve your goals at no additional headcount cost.


GTT's primary differentiator is in its architecture. Configured on a powerful integration, blockchain, A.I., and calculation platform, this delineates GTT from the current business model.

We have the exclusive rights to this technology.

  • Ability to automate routine calculations and tag more complex ones for manual review.
  • Automate tax due on option exercises, RSU vesting, and other taxable events.
  • Automate withholding advice to payroll.
  • Automate 80% of most repetitive ERP and expense processing tasks.
  • Automate share-based calculations and currency translation.
  • Automate deferred tax accounting for equity awards.
  • SARBOX-compliant.
  • Capability to re-run transactions.
  • Multiple levels of security, incorporating anti-hacking and anti-penetration functionality.