Bots, Integration, Blockchain, & Artificial Intelligence

Bots, Integration, Blockchain, & Artificial Intelligence

Lots of software companies call their software "Revolutionary" but GTT actually is.

No other software has Bots, integration, blockchain, and artificial intelligence built into the same code base and can be put to work for you with NO coding at such a compelling price point.


  • Bots sometimes called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) make an impact within 30 days and save companies a great deal of money. In our case, our purpose-built Bots for: Expense Report Processing, Tax Processing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll, cut costs by 80%. They also increase the bandwidth of the staff you have and re-direct employees to more important value-added work. Bots also protect staff from mind numbing activities that cause employee turnover and expensive errors. Below is an example.
  • We Integrate data into workflows with no coding! This is critical because it allows you to leverage your existing software asset base. Without a very powerful integration tool, you will not realize any compelling operational benefit, nor cost savings.
  • Blockchain is critical to the retention and reconciliation of data so that a transaction can never be lost or disputed.
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are critical to enabling future automation and insight of entire processes. Our code is so advanced that it writes algorithm’s and code with no human intervention. In addition, over time, data reveals insights that benefit operational benefit that could not otherwise be perceived without AI.

Bots at work.

This comprehensive mobility-based tax statement for a consulting employee who worked in the UK and a number of USA cities and states was completed with no human intervention.

Our software did this by automatically pulling data from the: Time system, work location system, project system, payroll system, bonus system, and an outside tax software vendor.

Then we applied both business rules and workflow-based logic to calculate taxes paid in a detailed presentation with no human intervention.

With GTT this entire process, which otherwise is very manual, is completed automatically with no errors and at a very low price point.

tax calc by week